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This is not just another memoir:
This is a deconstruction of life, as lived by a human.

This is not a how-to book:
This is a what-if book.

A ‘what-if you could look at life as an intellectual adventure’ book.

In a vein at once playful, philosophical and lyrical, artist Ellary Eddy builds a provocative case for the value of self-inquiry, authenticity, and radical astonishment at the marvel of existence. Using her own experiences as raw material, Eddy’s essays muse upon the nature of identity and explore the meaning of life in general. Her Argument coaxes you to throw off the shackles of everyday reality and, Tigger-like, bounce free, stripes rippling, into the frabjous wilderness of being. Eddy romps through a wide range of topics: sex, style, play, and dating, philosophy, poetry, art and dildos, daughters, joy, aging like a motherf***er and the ‘Good Life’.

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