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Ellary Eddy is the founder of Realize Magazine, a multi-media lifestyle and culture magazine. But the first company she ever formed was Darlingmedia  (no wait, Section 8 was the first, way before Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney lifted the name).

Ellary has worked in advertising and public relations, directed an arts foundation, worked in film development, shot behind-the-scenes videos, written screenplays, painted public murals and numerous large oil paintings, taken a million photos (even before iPhones), raised a daughter, created a website for gameplay in the English language, and has barely made it alive out of all of this (especially her last venture, the book Her Argument).

The guiding element that propels her is a constant state of enthusiasm (or is it madness?) 

Ellary owns about 15 domain names, including

If you’re interested, she runs a blog at,where she tries to be insightful and funny.